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Long Term Care at Home is here.

The LTC@H Pharmacy Network is your centralized hub for all things related to long term care at home.
Whether it's patient identification tools, billing procedures, compliance documentation, or valuable insights into best practices and marketing support, the network is here to provide unwavering support to the entire long term care at home sector.

LTC@H is your go-to resource, ensuring that pharmacies, providers, and industry partners can access the latest updates, trends, and essential information for a seamless experience in the realm of long term care at home.
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The 2030 Problem

As we look ahead to the next decade, a significant transformation in our demographics is underway. The entire baby boomer generation will soon reach the age of 65 and older. Moreover, the 85+ age group is set to triple in size. This changing landscape brings with it unprecedented challenges, as this aging population will be one of the most chronically ill in U.S. history.


This demographic shift is creating a 75% surge in the demand for facility-based care. However, the reality is that there are not enough beds, time, or financial resources within our healthcare system to meet this soaring demand.

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Enter, Long Term Care at Home.

Long Term Care Pharmacy services have traditionally been offered to those residing in skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other institutional care settings.

Now, with Long Term Care at Home Pharmacy, the same high-quality pharmacy care to the chronically ill and aging-in-place population can be provided in the home, allowing patients to receive top-notch pharmacy support in the comfort of their chosen home setting. This not only empowers patients and caregivers but also instills confidence in healthcare providers that their patients are receiving the support they need.

By bridging the gap between facility-based care and home care, we're not only making healthcare more accessible but also alleviating the burden of expensive facility costs, contributing to a solution for the challenges posed by the 2030 demographic shift.

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Get to Know Us

The Long Term Care at Home Pharmacy Network is your trusted partner in simplifying and accelerating your journey into the world of long-term care at home. Whether you're an established pharmacy looking to expand into this growing market or a new entrant eager to set up shop, our network provides all the essential tools and resources you need. 

Getting Started

Starting in long term care at home can be overwhelming. That's why we offer a simple and approachable resources that allows you to manage your LTC@Home pharmacy. From getting started with combo-shop & obtaining NPIs, to compliance tools, identification guides, CE education, and marketing support, our portal has everything you need to provide LTC@Home care.

Staying Compliant

We understand that long term care at home requires documention and collaboration with healthcare professionals. That's why we provide education, identification guides, attestation forms, and other tools to ensure your pharmacy is compliant with all payer and regulatory guidelines.

Ongoing Support

Staying up to date with the pharmacy industry is essential, especially in a sector like long term care at home. Our portal is continually updated and membership includes weekly lunch-and-learns, ongoing education material, and exclusive partnerships to support your pharmacy.

Industry Partners

At LTC@HPN, we understand that success often comes from strong alliances. That's why we've curated a network of trusted industry partners, many of whom offer exclusive resources and discounts tailored specifically for our members. These strategic collaborations ensure that you have access to the best tools, expertise, and cost-saving opportunities. When you join our community, you're not just a member - you're a part of a dynamic ecosystem that empowers your growth and success.


How We Support You

Compliance Support, attestation forms, and patient identification guides

Education including CE's and member-only webinars

Weekly lunch and learns with the at home team

Marketing tools and support

Join Long Term Care at Home Pharmacy Network Today

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