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Frequently Asked Questions

As a member of Long Term Care at Home Pharmacy Network, you will have access to a wide range of resources and benefits to help you properly prpvide long term care at home pharmacy services. Our FAQ section is constantly updated with answers to common questions to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your pharmacy's operations. If you have any additional questions, our team is always available to assist you.

  • My pharmacy is a retail pharmacy; can I bill for LTC@H patients without an LTC NPI?
    Unfortunately, no. LTC@H patients receive long-term care services in their homes, and billing for these services requires the use of an LTC NPI. When you join the LTC@H Pharmacy Network, you can opt to have us evaluate your readiness for LTC@H and provide the guidance, education, and connections you need to properly manage your LTC@H patient population. Note: If you are a retail pharmacy seeking to acquire your LTC NPI, the LTC@Home portal provides valuable resources and support to transition your retail pharmacy into a combo shop pharmacy. You can initiate your membership using your retail NPI.Q section can be used to quickly answer common questions about your business like "Where do you ship to?", "What are your opening hours?", or "How can I book a service?".
  • I already have an LTC NPI and have some @Home patients. What will the network do for me?
    Having an LTC NPI is a good start, but LTC@H Pharmacy Network offers more. We provide guidance around compliance and best practices, giving you the confidence that you're correctly qualifying patients, documenting their care, using the right billing codes, and preparing for potential payer inquiries. Our network offers the education, support, and compliance guidance you need to avoid audit disasters.
  • Do the CMS LTC requirements include things like sterile compounding and 24/7 access? I don't have that and I can't implement it.
    Yes, the CMS LTC Pharmacy Requirements do include various standards, such as sterile compounding and continuous access. If you find these requirements challenging, don't worry. LTC@H Pharmacy Network offers exclusive outsourcing partnerships that help you meet CMS LTC requirements without a major overhaul of your operations.
  • Are you a GPO or PSAO?
    No, we are not a GPO or PSAO. LTC@H Pharmacy Network is a member organization that focuses on providing education, best practices, compliance support, and advocacy for the LTC@H sector. We can facilitate access to contracting entities, and we partner with contracting entities to meet LTC@H compliance standards and enhance pharmacy network efficiency.
  • I have patients on compliance packaging and make daily deliveries in my community. Can I bill an LTC NPI for them?
    No, billing under an LTC class of trade for individuals in the community involves specific service criteria for slect populations. It applies to chronically ill, homebound patients requiring extra support for their pharmacy care, rather than those seeking packaging and delivery for convenience.
  • I just don't understand LTC@H. Help!!
    That's okay; it can be complex. Reach out to us to connect with a member solutions consultant for a detailed discussion. Also, consider signing up for one of our upcoming events to enhance your understanding of LTC@H.
  • What is the difference between the Long-Term Care at Home Pharmacy Network and CPESN LTC@HOME?
    CPESN LTC@HOME is owned and operated by the Long Term Care at Home Pharmacy Network. It is a special purpose network within CPESN USA, providing access to CPESN member pharmacies who are already or looking to become a combo-shop and affiliate their LTC NPI with LTC@Home through the CPESN network. Affiliating your LTC NPI with CPESN LTC@HOME comes with additional benefits, including: LTC@Home Pharmacist Champion Certification (CE) LTC@Home Technician Champion Certification (CE) Exclusive webinars, education, and office hours Access to all CPESN benefits, such as value-based contracts for your LTC NPI Please note: CPESN LTC@Home requires an additional payment of $55 per month for LTC NPI membership into the CPESN USA network. Affiliating with CPESN LTC@HOME offers these specific advantages in addition to the broader benefits of the Long-Term Care at Home Pharmacy Network. CPESN has additional minimum standards that must be met in order for a pharmacy to join. For more information, visit
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