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Data on our website.

We take pride in providing you with reliable and accurate information. The data presented on our website is meticulously sourced from leading industry sources, including reputable websites, white papers, and case studies. We also draw from state and federal government data, verified media outlets, and deidentified member pharmacies (with their approval).

To ensure the utmost accuracy, our website is regularly checked and updated on a monthly basis. This means you can trust that the data you find here is up to date and reflective of the latest facts, figures, and sources available. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of information integrity, so you can rely on us as a trusted resource in the field of Long Term Care at Home.

Explore our website with confidence, knowing that the information provided has undergone thorough vetting and is continuously updated to keep you informed with the most current and relevant insights. Please take a look at our current sources below.

Updated July 2023

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  • The changing elderly population and future health care needs - PubMed (

  • Long-term care planning for baby boomers: addressing an uncertain future - PubMed (

  • Long term care - Statistics & Facts | Statista

  • Long-Term Care in the United States — Problems and Solutions | NEJM

  • Medical At Home (MAH) | NCPA

  • Expanding-Long-Term-Care-Pharmacy-in-Home-and-Community-Based-Settings.pdf (

  • The Alliance for LTC Pharmacy @ Home - Home (

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